gilt bar

work, traveling (to spain! woo!), and a week-long sickness have kept me from updating this blog on the regular and i have fallen seriously behind.

we last left off right before my birthday which as we all know now is basically a national holiday in my eyes. so after my visit to grange hall burger bar, you best believe i had many more birthday meals after that. including the next meal i had at gilt bar when my friend meghan was in town visiting from connecticut.

i was so excited for her to come because when we lived together in hoboken, one of the things that we always agreed on was eating great meals and trying to try new restaurants together. so we continued that tradition by trying gilt bar – a chic and sleek lounge resto in river north.

meghan and i also make great dinner pals because we love the same kinds of food. so it was easy to pick a lot of things that we could share (and then bring home for drunk food later). for our starter, we immediately gravitated to the bread served with sweet balsamic roasted garlic & olive oil. this was one of my favorite parts of the meal. the bread came warm to the table and sopped up the balsamic and oil perfectly. the garlic was present but not overwhelming and i wish that we had had another loaf of bread honestly because that shit was gooooood.

bread with roasted garlic balsamic and olive oil

for our entrees, we both decided to get one and then share and each get a side to again share. i ordered the truffle pasta (because i can’t resist anything truffle – ever) with handmade noodles. it came with a cheese and black pepper on it and it was definitely tasty. like i said though, anything with truffle is great. and more truffle the better so this was a perfect dish for me.

truffle pasta

i know it doesn’t look appetizing, but it really was fantastic so take my word for it!

meghan got the beef pot roast with glazed vegetables which is basically meg’s dream meal. and i love anything red meat related so the spoon tender pot roast was delectable and tasted even better the next day.

pot roast with glazed vegetables

for our sides, we decided on the brussel sprouts with pork belly, maple and parmesan. if that sounds like it would taste amazing then you are right.

brussel sprouts with pork belly

we also ordered the smashed potatoes with chicken jus which i was just not a fan of. the potatoes even though they were soaked in chicken jus just had no taste. it was like eating cardboard. they had to be seasoned a lot the next day for leftovers. i could have left the potatoes off the meal all together.

smashed potatoes

we had an amazing night with great ambiance, good company, and even better food. thank you so much meghan for coming out to visit me and taking me out to dinner! this was a great night to catch up and we had a great day in chicago. just lovely! A- for Gilt Bar!


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